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Harvard Business Review: What Happens When You Lose Your Mentor

Read Rob Lachenauer’s account of losing his mentor and starting the journey from mentee to mentor himself.

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The Telegraph: Imposter syndrome: women’s silent career killer

A portion of people in the workplace are suffering from Imposter Syndrome, reducing productivity and affecting career development. Read to find out more.

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Forbes: 10 Ways To Identify Leadership Gaps Within Your Company

Could there be a leadership gap in your organisation? Gain insight from experts into how leadership gaps can be affecting your team and how to fix them with our latest INTOO Recommended Reading by Forbes

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Building a resilient organisation

The benefits of a resilient workforce have been widely discussed, however before putting any resilience and well-being initiatives in place organisations must get this one thing right

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Mentoring or coaching, do you know the difference?

Mentoring and coaching are both valuable methods for improving performance, but they can at times be confused, here we detail the differences between the two and the situations in which each should be used

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CIO: Does Your Leadership Style Support Diversity?

Research shows that increased diversity within organisations can generate higher revenue. Is your leadership style taking this into account?

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Harvard Business Review: Stressed at Work? Mentoring a Colleague Could Help

Have you ever looked into the effects of mentoring on mentors themselves? Harvard Business Review reveals research into mental health benefits for mentors.

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London HR Leaders Forum: Generating change without generating resistance

Join INTOO on 4th June for our next London HR Leaders Forum when we will discuss how organisations, and specifically HR, can generate change without generating resistance.

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JDSUPRA: Five Questions With… Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer

Looking for insight on executive coaching from a top expert? Read JDSUPRA's interview with Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer.

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theHRDIRECTOR on young professionals: Top things to consider about your relationship with employees

Read theHRDIRECTOR's take on how organisations should develop their relationship with employees recently entering the workforce in order for them to thrive.

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