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Brexit planning; where are you now and contingency planning for the next phase

Join INTOO on Thursday 21st March for our London HR Connection event when we will discuss Brexit planning with the help of our expert speakers

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Post Event Summary: HR readiness for a post-Brexit age

Is your organisation ready for a post-Brexit world? To minimise impact HR must proactively prepare their workforce – not wait until 29th March.

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Shirin Vanat

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Clarity, Communication, Commitment – the key to successful mentoring programmes

Successful mentoring programmes don't happen by chance. To improve results they should be based around the three C's: Clarity, Communication and Commitment.

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London HR Leaders Forum: Addressing the talent shortage

Join INTOO on 27th Feb for our next London HR Leaders Forum when we will discuss the ever growing talent shortage and steps we can take to proactively manage challenges.

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Agile working at River Island

Join INTOO on 26th Feb for the next London HR Connection event when Nebel Crowhurst, Head of People Experience at River island, will discuss new technologies being used to support team based agile working.

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The employee voice at BP

Join INTOO on Tuesday 22nd January for the first London HR Connection event of 2019 when BP's Laura Hammett will discuss the important topic of employee voice

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Midlands Senior HR Forum: HR readiness for a post-Brexit age

Join us for our next Midlands Senior HR Forum where we will discuss how organisations, and specifically HR need to be ready for a post-Brexit age

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Individual challenges call for an individual approach

People are unique, with individual challenges, needs, and responsibilities. So why do we think a one size fits all approach is okay for outplacement?

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Creating the creative leader

A creative leadership culture can help propel businesses forward. But how do we identify & develop the creativity of our leaders? And importantly, encourage these leaders to foster a culture of innovation and fluidity in our organisations and employees?

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