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Employee engagement: Make every day National Employee Appreciation Day.

National Employee Appreciation Day is a fantastic initiative, but showing how much you value your employees needs a 365 day approach.

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Career Management: Motivators & culture are key to successfully changing roles

Understanding your personal motivators and identifying the right corporate environment will help ensure you find your ideal role.

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Career Management: should you stay or should you go?

Changing careers is a big decision. Taking time to reflect and have career conversations with your employer will help you make the right decision.

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Talent retention: give employees the gift of your time

Are you expecting to see a percentage of your employees resign in the New Year? Instead of waiting for it to happen, here are some simple steps managers can take that may help to change employees' minds.

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Brexit: don’t let uncertainty take hold

Brexit will potentially lead to significant changes in the movement of labour. With no clear timeline or clarity on what it means, managing uncertainty effectively becomes a top business priority for all companies.

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Developing a non-bullying managerial style

With instances of workplace bullying on the increase, investing resources to develop the right managerial and leadership style has to be a top priority for all organisations.

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Pivoting your way to greater agility and career fulfilment

Careers are changing. So is it time for us to rethink how we approach career development?

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Inclusivity and equality. Why 0.7 isn’t a number we should ignore.

Back in September I came across newspaper headline in the FT that just called out for me to read it. Believe it or not, a measure exists for global inequality. And alarmingly, referencing it in his opening speech at the […]

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Should employee representatives on Boards be mandatory?

Theresa May is committed to making significant changes with regard to corporate governance. Possibly the most controversial aspect of these plans is to push companies to appoint representatives from amongst the broader workforce to the Board. The argument has raged […]

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Behind the gold medals

Coming out of the most successful Olympics for team GB, where the medal tally put us only second to the US, and surpassed London 2012, it is easy to see why we are hero worshipping the athletes who made us […]

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