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Knowing the potential of your people is important. Unlocking that potential is essential. From board directors to first time managers, we’ll help you enhance the capabilities of your leaders by breathing new life into individual and overall business performance.

Whether it’s improving stakeholder management, preparing to take on more responsibility or more effectively engaging others, our coaching programmes centre around the principles of ‘Respira Vita’breathing new life into those we coach by creating a new sense of purpose, lighting the spark that helps individuals explore what’s possible.

Working with experienced coaches our coaching programmes encourage fresh thinking and the breaking down of any barriers preventing individuals from realizing their true potential. We focus on building self-reliance, self-awareness, an open mind-set to drive positive sustainable outcomes whilst equipping your talent with the confidence to come up with their own solutions to challenges they face, developing their capabilities and transforming their performance.

Supporting all levels of employees

Executive team members & Business leaders
At a senior level, our focus is less on developing leadership capability and more on fine-tuning. With a greater focus on specific business challenges being faced, we encourage leaders to step out of their comfort zones and take courageous steps to transform organisational performance.
First time managers
Credibility is important for any first time leader. Concentrating on what good leadership looks like, we accelerate the transition from peer to leader, establishing their personal leadership brand and building the foundations for a successful career.
Senior managers
Balancing the daily demands of business with leadership responsibility can be difficult. With an emphasis on improving personal effectiveness and impact, we help your managerial population identify key changes they can effect that will have the greatest positive impact on their performance, and that of their teams.
High performers
For high performing employees, we look to leverage their desire for professional growth, exploring ways to further develop their capabilities and skills so that they’re more effective, more engaged and more likely to remain with you.

Coaching programmes

Enhancing the capabilities of your leaders and high performers to deliver extraordinary results, both personally and for your organisation.
Providing existing and emerging leaders with the confidence and skills to lead high performing teams.
Building exceptional team cohesion and performance, improving team dynamics and driving more effective communication.
Supporting newly appointed employees to quickly assimilate into their new role.

Our coaches

It takes experience and expertise to be a coach and quickly build the trust and confidence needed to challenge thinking and bring new ideas into the mix. As well as real business experience, all of our coaches are certified by globally recognised coaching bodies including the ICF, AC, eMCC and employ a wide range of methodologies and techniques to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our clients

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