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Meet our team

Our team

We believe that it’s the people we employ who are ultimately responsible for driving business success. Building environments and cultures where people can thrive and find fulfillment is paramount to this.

At Intoo UK and Ireland we don’t just share this ethos, we’re passionate about it. We use our vast experience and deep expertise to co-design and implement solutions that work. We’re creative and curious, and are not afraid to respectfully challenge you or your employees to get results. We’re knowledgeable; providing you with insight into traditional methods and breaking trends, mobilising the very best team around you. But above all we recognise that we’re working with people, so we’re always attentive, proactive and caring.
Leadership team
Our experts
Our coaches, consultants and mentors are carefully selected for their experience, qualifications and reputation. Coming from senior roles in national and international organisations, they provide in-depth expertise to help you develop both your talent and your business.