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Without knowing it, many of us act as mentors on a daily basis; sharing advice, guidance and our experience to help others. Recognised as an effective development tool, mentoring is increasingly used by businesses, large and small, to support a broad range organizational goals, from succession planning, talent retention and development to diversity initiatives.

Whether it’s to provide direction on specific business issues, pass on valuable knowledge and insight to help develop careers or transfer skills, having access to a trusted mentor who has ‘walked your path’ is always beneficial. It helps to boost confidence, increase effectiveness and improve engagement, creating stronger and more successful organisations.
Our expertise
The Intoo Business Lounge
Our Business Lounge provides your senior leaders with access to our extensive network of business mentors. Operating at Director level or above for global PLCs, private sector companies, public sector bodies and charitable organisations, this network of business peers provides leaders with a safe environment to exchange ideas, seek validation, receive advice and learn from others’ experiences.
Designing impactful mentoring programmes
Building effective corporate mentoring programmes requires planning and ongoing commitment. Whether you’re looking to launch your first mentoring programme, on-board new mentors or improve the impact of an existing one, we’ll make sure that your programme thrives. Combing our expertise with our straightforward approach, we’ll help you create sustainable approaches that engage both mentors and mentees and allow you to measure results.
Individual mentoring
Successful mentoring relationships are based on connectedness, impartiality and trust. We’ll work with mentees to understand their goals, interests and personality before matching them with the most appropriate mentor, increasing success rates and allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere.

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