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Whether at the start of your career or seasoned business leader, being made redundant is stressful. We understand this. We also know that providing personalised and effective outplacement support makes a real difference to those affected. It provides individuals with the reassurance that they will be supported during this period of transition. It encourages them to look to the future and helps organisations to protect their ability to attract and retain future talent.

At INTOO we know that helping individuals to successfully transition their careers is never solely about providing processes or technology. It’s about people. It’s about developing a positive mindset, building confidence and giving people control back over their own choices. It’s taking the time to understand individual career aspirations and providing bespoke outplacement support, expert guidance, relevant tools and pragmatic advice that helps individuals quickly reconnect with their chosen career.

That’s why we build our outplacement programmes around the unique needs and challenges of each person we support. Whether individuals are looking to find a similar role, change careers, set up their own business or even plan for retirement; we take the time to understand the person and their priorities; designing effective programmes that deliver results.

Highly tailored programmes that support the complex and diverse transition needs of business leaders and lessen the business impact of senior level exits.
Personal and effective outplacement programmes that help individuals to quickly establish a positive mindset, identify future career objectives, and skilfully navigate today’s changing job market.
Customised onsite programmes to support larger change events, improve engagement and minimise the impact on employees and operations.
Forming part of our outplacement programmes, INTOO4you provides individuals with 24/7 access to powerful information and tools to support them in effectively transitioning their career.

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