theHRDIRECTOR on young professionals: Top things to consider about your relationship with employees

With an increasing amount of young people engaging in further education, a large proportion of businesses are hiring graduates and other young professionals directly into their ranks. However, they are doing so without knowing how to appropriately manage their relationship with employees who have only just entered the workforce. For their very first professional role, young people need to join a company that understands how to lead, mentor and coach them in order to allow engagement and maximum career development.

Writing for theHRDIRECTOR, Managing Director of Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) Chris Parnham goes into detail about three key things to consider for organisations employing young professionals. He argues that, when carried out, these themes will create an environment for young people to grow, learn and thrive in your business.

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Parnham, C. (2019). “Top things to consider about your relationship with employees”, theHRDIRECTOR. 19/03/2019.