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change management

Now is a crucial moment for protecting your employer brand

Poorly managed organisational change can damage employer brand beyond repair and with so many organisations facing difficult decisions in the coming weeks and months, now is a crucial moment for organisation to manage organisational change the right way, protecting employer brand now and for the future.

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Video: Leading through uncertainty

In this on-demand webinar Owen Morgan, Managing Director, INTOO UK & Ireland shares useful tools and techniques to enable leaders to effectively support their teams during times of uncertainty and change.

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Forbes: Successful Change Management: 6 Surprising Reasons People Resist Change And How To Motivate Them To Embrace It Instead

Change programmes can often result in a wave of push-back and resistance from employees, However, their reasons for resistance may not always be what you expect. In this week’s recommended reading article, Forbes detail the six surprising reasons people resist change.

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London HR Leaders Forum: Creating the right environment for change

Join us on 23rd January as experts from INTOO and JMW Solicitors LLP come together for our London HR Leaders Forum to discuss how HR can create the right environment for change

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London HR Leaders Forum: Generating change without generating resistance

Join INTOO on 4th June for our next London HR Leaders Forum when we will discuss how organisations, and specifically HR, can generate change without generating resistance.

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Forbes: Three Key Principles of Change Management

Should we fear digital change? Read Forbes' article outlining Three Principles of Change Management aiming to soften disruption and increase employee acceptance to technological advancements.

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Uncertain Brexit, uncertain career, uncertain future

Brexit is creating an ever changing and increasingly complex environment for UK businesses and employees, here we detail the steps organisations can take to lessen the impact.

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Caught in the crossfire: Why are managers neglected during change?

A fundamental role of the manager is to support their team through the challenges of change. But are enough organisations supporting them?

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Will TUPE always be a nightmare for HR?

TUPE transfers can be complex and often run parallel to a wider change event. What can HR teams do to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible?

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The TUPE Obstacle Course

Join us on Tuesday 19th of September where we will consider some of the key practical issues that arise when TUPE applies.

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