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HR Grapevine: Why all leaders need to be coaches, by Owen Morgan

All leaders should be coaches. But why? Read our Recommended Reading to find some excellent advice from our Managing Director Owen Morgan within his article in HR Grapevine.

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Coaching: a threat or an opportunity?

How coaching is positioned and communicated to an employee can impact their willingness to engage in the process, to ensure the greatest outcome, organisations must consider the employee’s mindset and concerns.

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Mentoring or coaching, do you know the difference?

Mentoring and coaching are both valuable methods for improving performance, but they can at times be confused, here we detail the differences between the two and the situations in which each should be used

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JDSUPRA: Five Questions With… Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer

Looking for insight on executive coaching from a top expert? Read JDSUPRA's interview with Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer.

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Why all leaders need to be coaches

Leaders who coach their employees effectively can improve business results by around 21%, but that's not the only positive outcome, continue reading for further benefits and why coaching is an indispensable part of a leader's skill set.

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Hearts, guts, and minds: How our multiple brains make for great leaders

Through effective leadership coaching leaders can develop insight into their emotional brains helping them improve their skills and decision making .

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Coaching: When you don’t have all the answers

Coaching is an effective development tool, but recognising the need for coaching can be difficult. Here are 5 common situations that coaching supports

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Leadership: How to succeed as a young leader

As increasing numbers of Baby Boomers retire, their former leadership roles are being filled by a new generation of leaders. Quite literally in some cases, leadership has skipped over Generation X and has anointed individuals from Generation Y to strategic […]

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Should employee representatives on Boards be mandatory?

Theresa May is committed to making significant changes with regard to corporate governance. Possibly the most controversial aspect of these plans is to push companies to appoint representatives from amongst the broader workforce to the Board. The argument has raged […]

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Behind the gold medals

Coming out of the most successful Olympics for team GB, where the medal tally put us only second to the US, and surpassed London 2012, it is easy to see why we are hero worshipping the athletes who made us […]

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