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employee engagement

Maintaining morale and engagement during uncertain times

Maintaining employee engagement and morale during a crisis can be tough, however during these uncertain times some organisations are demonstrating how, by adapting your approach, you can successfully maintain engagement and keep morale high, even in the most difficult of times.

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Midlands Senior HR Forum: HR readiness for a post-Brexit age

Join us for our next Midlands Senior HR Forum where we will discuss how organisations, and specifically HR need to be ready for a post-Brexit age

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Midlands HR Forum: Engage, motivate and keep hold of your talent

Join us at our next Midlands HR Forum where we will discuss the broad, but ever current topic of employee engagement

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Getting ahead of BREXIT with Perry Timms. Download our post event report.

As HR professionals, how can we best help our leaders and people navigate the potential impact of BREXIT? What should we focus on and why? Download our summary report.

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Change management: the problem with change management is people

Only 25% of change programmes deliver lasting results. We explore how putting people at the centre of your change programme can help you deliver effective and lasting change.

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Reputation Management: How to rebuild your reputation after a setback.

Reputations are hard won and easily damaged. If you've suffered a setback, we outline some steps that can help you manage and rebuild your reputation.

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Employee engagement: Make every day National Employee Appreciation Day.

National Employee Appreciation Day is a fantastic initiative, but showing how much you value your employees needs a 365 day approach.

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Talent retention: give employees the gift of your time

Are you expecting to see a percentage of your employees resign in the New Year? Instead of waiting for it to happen, here are some simple steps managers can take that may help to change employees' minds.

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