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HR Grapevine: Why all leaders need to be coaches, by Owen Morgan

All leaders should be coaches. But why? Read our Recommended Reading to find some excellent advice from our Managing Director Owen Morgan within his article in HR Grapevine.

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HR Grapevine: Employee brings THIS to redundancy meeting

HR Grapevine describes the story of an employee who brings a clown to his redundancy meeting, explaining that his presence was for emotional support.

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Global Recruiter: Going Out, by INTOO Managing Director Owen Morgan

In the latest issue of The Global Recruiter, Owen Morgan emphasises the importance of support for those affected by change and redundancy, highlighting the evolution of outplacement.

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HR Grapevine: Fifth of HR would leave job over poor leadership

New statistics from HR Grapevine reveal that one fifth of HR professionals would quit their jobs as a result of poor leadership from their managers.

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theHRDIRECTOR: Just One in Eight Employees Has a Mentor

Although 84% of employees who have received mentoring have benefited from it, still only one in eight employees have a mentor. Read our Recommended Reading by theHRDIRECTOR now.

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Undercover Recruiter: The Leader’s Guide to Team Productivity

One individual's disorganisation can affect an entire team. But how can you increase productivity as a leader to reach maximum profitability?

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Training Journal: 82% of Workers Aren’t Confident Talking About Mental Health

Statistics indicate that despite an increase in understanding regarding mental health issues, workers continue to avoid the topic of mental health in the workplace.

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theHRDIRECTOR: USA Study Finds Men Feeling Increasingly Uncomfortable Working With Women in Some Situations

Read theHRDIRECTOR's insights into an American study revealing that some men find it uncomfortable to work with and mentor women in a professional setting.

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Undercover Recruiter: 3 Challenges Facing HR in the Near Future

What are the three most likely challenges to be facing the HR industry in the near future? Read our Recommended Reading for details.

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Harvard Business Review: What Happens When You Lose Your Mentor

Read Rob Lachenauer’s account of losing his mentor and starting the journey from mentee to mentor himself.

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