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JDSUPRA: Five Questions With… Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer

Looking for insight on executive coaching from a top expert? Read JDSUPRA's interview with Central Park Executive Coaching CEO Eileen Springer.

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theHRDIRECTOR on young professionals: Top things to consider about your relationship with employees

Read theHRDIRECTOR's take on how organisations should develop their relationship with employees recently entering the workforce in order for them to thrive.

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Harvard Business Review: How People Redirect Their Careers After Getting Laid Off

People tend to react in two distinct ways after job displacement, read this article by Harvard Business Review for insight into these behavioural patterns.

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People Management: How will CEO pay gap reporting affect you?

UK big businesses will need to be transparent about their executive pay gap, but how should they prepare for this? Read Maxwell's article now.

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Entrepreneur: 10 Popular Myths About Leadership and How to Overcome Them

Traditional stereotypes of leaders are now being challenged, read this Entrepreneur article denouncing 10 popular leadership myths and how to overcome them.

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theHRDIRECTOR: Why working women are more stressed than men

Statistics show that working women experience more stress than men, but how can HR departments help? Read this solution-focused article by theHRDIRECTOR.

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Forbes: Three Key Principles of Change Management

Should we fear digital change? Read Forbes' article outlining Three Principles of Change Management aiming to soften disruption and increase employee acceptance to technological advancements.

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The Muse: Signs of Burnout to Look out for in Colleagues and Yourself at Work

Are you at risk of burnout? Read our recommended article by The Muse that highlights 19 indications of burnout that can affect your health and your work if left unidentified.

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Why HR need to be first on the invite list when it comes to organisational change

Successful organisational change can rest on how early HR are included in the process. Significantly enhance your results by ensuring they are part of the team from the outset.

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Equality: are we doing enough?

Equality and diversity remain a top business issue for organisations. But what's working and what more needs to be done to speed up progress?

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