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Team coaching: Preventing the high performing from becoming dysfunctional

When done correctly team coaching is an effective development tool that can turn under performing teams into effective ones and provide effective teams with the necessary skills to become high performing ones. Read on to find out how this can be achieved.

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London HR Forum: Creativity and Leadership – Getting the balance right

Join us for our next London HR Forum where we will focus on how to develop leadership in the creative industry whilst still allowing individual creativity to flourish

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Successful leadership: when elements combine

How do organisations successfully define and identify the type of leader and leadership skills they need to drive business objectives?

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Leadership lessons from Macron’s rise to the Élysée

How has Emmanuel Macron gone from junior minister in the French Government to President in 13 months? Owen Morgan provides insight into his leadership appeal.

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Leadership: How to succeed as a young leader

As increasing numbers of Baby Boomers retire, their former leadership roles are being filled by a new generation of leaders. Quite literally in some cases, leadership has skipped over Generation X and has anointed individuals from Generation Y to strategic […]

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