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Leadership skills

2 things that can help leaders effectively manage a crisis

We all have the innate ability to lead and whilst some have learned to harness these traits during difficult or challenging times, others struggle to make an impact or be effective under the same circumstance. Joshua Gorecki, Senior Client Partner, details the two things leaders should focus on to help them effectively manage a crisis.

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Why all leaders need to be coaches

Leaders who coach their employees effectively can improve business results by around 21%, but that's not the only positive outcome, continue reading for further benefits and why coaching is an indispensable part of a leader's skill set.

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Hearts, guts, and minds: How our multiple brains make for great leaders

Through effective leadership coaching leaders can develop insight into their emotional brains helping them improve their skills and decision making .

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London HR Forum: Creativity and Leadership – Getting the balance right

Join us for our next London HR Forum where we will focus on how to develop leadership in the creative industry whilst still allowing individual creativity to flourish

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