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theHRDIRECTOR: Just One in Eight Employees Has a Mentor

Although 84% of employees who have received mentoring have benefited from it, still only one in eight employees have a mentor. Read our Recommended Reading by theHRDIRECTOR now.

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Harvard Business Review: What Happens When You Lose Your Mentor

Read Rob Lachenauer’s account of losing his mentor and starting the journey from mentee to mentor himself.

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Mentoring or coaching, do you know the difference?

Mentoring and coaching are both valuable methods for improving performance, but they can at times be confused, here we detail the differences between the two and the situations in which each should be used

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Harvard Business Review: Stressed at Work? Mentoring a Colleague Could Help

Have you ever looked into the effects of mentoring on mentors themselves? Harvard Business Review reveals research into mental health benefits for mentors.

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Clarity, Communication, Commitment – the key to successful mentoring programmes

Successful mentoring programmes don't happen by chance. To improve results they should be based around the three C's: Clarity, Communication and Commitment.

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