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Redundancy: Are your employees being left to go it alone?

It is important organisations do not underestimate the impact being made redundant can have on an individual and the support required to help them transition successfully. At this time effective outplacement support can prove to be invaluable

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Personnel Today: Furloughed employees must receive redundancy in full

Government legislation brought in today (31st July 2020) will protect workers and ensure all furloughed employees who are being made redundant receive their full entitlement. Read more in our recommended reading article from Personnel Today.

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Supporting your organisation through change and redundancy

INTOO's best practice guide for managing change and redundancy the right way. Download for details on how to manage change in a way that minimises business interruption, limits impact on employees and safeguards their well-being

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Harvard Business Review: Making sense of the future after losing a job you love

Following job loss those that successfully created new futures for themselves have been found to move through grief and growth in three phases. Read this weeks recommended reading taken from Harvard Business Review to learn more.

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HR Grapevine: Employee brings THIS to redundancy meeting

HR Grapevine describes the story of an employee who brings a clown to his redundancy meeting, explaining that his presence was for emotional support.

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Global Recruiter: Going Out, by INTOO Managing Director Owen Morgan

In the latest issue of The Global Recruiter, Owen Morgan emphasises the importance of support for those affected by change and redundancy, highlighting the evolution of outplacement.

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Outplacement – outdated or a chance to stand out?

In a buoyant job market, some may argue that outplacement support is no longer relevant, but in reality outplacement should be a part of every modern organisation’s support kit for the following reasons.

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Harvard Business Review: How People Redirect Their Careers After Getting Laid Off

People tend to react in two distinct ways after job displacement, read this article by Harvard Business Review for insight into these behavioural patterns.

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Outplacement: what would your employees say about you?

Redundancy may be an unfortunate consequence of modern business, but what departing employees say about your organisation is not.

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