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Supporting your organisation through change and redundancy guide

Redundancy: Are your employees being left to go it alone?

It is important organisations do not underestimate the impact being made redundant can have on an individual and the support required to help them transition successfully. At this time effective outplacement support can prove to be invaluable

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Is there a right way to tell an employee they are being made redundant?

Breaking the news around redundancies can be extremely challenging for all involved, however well structured meetings can mitigate some challenges. Here we detail our preparation advice to consider and things to avoid when delivering the message.

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Communicating organisational change: A best practice approach.

Are your leaders and HR teams communicating change correctly? When it comes to organisational change, effective communication can have a significant on your employees and your business recovery. Follow our best practice approach to ensure you do it the right way.

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Change Management: Fail to plan, plan to fail

Fundamental to the success of any change management programme is the planning phase, even when time is limited and unforeseen circumstances are presented it is important leaders and HR teams sufficiently plan and explore all potential routes available for the organisation and its employees.

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