Shirin Vanat


Delivery Projects Coordinator

Shirin is responsible for assisting the coordination of the delivery of INTOO UK & Ireland services. She enjoys helping individuals who are facing significant challenges in their daily lives and providing them with personalised services to overcome these. Shirin believes building trust and understanding that each individual is unique helps to develop long lasting relationships. This in turn helps to deliver high quality support.

Prior to joining INTOO, Shirin worked within private healthcare, providing bespoke, confidential and high standard of care to not only patients but consultants also. This has enabled her to master her skills of understanding the importance of having the individual’s needs at the centre of what she does. Not only is she adaptable; being able to recognise when to adjust and to whom with but respectful in embracing different perspectives along the way.

Her previous recruitment background has empowered her to be more; goal-oriented, determined and creative with the way she communicates, plans and executes  herself, which nicely compliments her role within INTOO by providing people focused solutions via more pragmatic channels.

Shirin holds a diploma in History and a certificate in Law from BPP College, London. Keen to develop a better understanding of project management, she is looking to explore courses around this topic to broaden her knowledge and skills further in the coming year. Having an avid interest in child psychology, in her own time, she is also currently studying a Children’s Social Behaviour Training & Management Course.

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